Hey, Today Is My Birthday !!!

I felt a bit dizzy when I woke up this morning, cause I slept about 1 a.m last night.

Beep Beep

My phone was winging loudly right above my head. One mew message.

Beep Beep . Two messages

And then, another beep beep was ringing continuously, and after 10 minutes I was realized; HEY TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY !!!

And yeah, finally I’m 16.

Then, I opened up some accounts; facebook, twitter, skype and found hundreds of greetings and gorgeous birthday wishes ..
In French, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Spanish, and Italian from all of my friends depends on their own mother language.
I love them all and overall I love today, something called my day.

Then, at school, I got a little surprise from my friend. They yelled loudly and sang “Happy Birthday, Bila! Happy Birthday!” and for sure they didn’t forget to beg such a little treat for lunch 😀

And in the evening, I got my special dinner with hot shitake mushroom pizza with my family! 🙂

Oh God, I wish today will be happened on this whole year, This happiness, all these surprises, all love that spread all day long .

At the end, hope that I can be better in this sweet 16.





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